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1 2017A&A...604A..96M
1.00008/2017A      E  F          X                      R                          U      
Mendelin, Martin; Binggeli, Bruno
Statistical analysis of bound companions in the Coma cluster

2 2017A&A...602A.119M
1.00006/2017A      E  F          X                      R  C                      U      
Müller, Oliver; Scalera, Roberto; Binggeli, Bruno; Jerjen, Helmut
The M 101 group complex: new dwarf galaxy candidates and spatial structure

3 2017A&A...597A...7M
1.00001/2017A      E  F          X                      R  C      S  N          U      
Müller, Oliver; Jerjen, Helmut; Binggeli, Bruno
New low surface brightness dwarf galaxies in the Centaurus group

4 2016A&A...595A.119M
1.00011/2016A      E  F          X                      R  C      S  N          U      
Müller, Oliver; Jerjen, Helmut; Pawlowski, Marcel S.; Binggeli, Bruno
Testing the two planes of satellites in the Centaurus group

5 2015A&A...583A..79M
1.00011/2015A      E  F          X                      R  C      S  N          U      
Müller, Oliver; Jerjen, Helmut; Binggeli, Bruno
New dwarf galaxy candidates in the Centaurus group

6 2010ASPC..435...67L
1.00012/2010A      E  F  G                      T      R                          U      
Longhitano, M.; Binggeli, B.
The Widest Binary Stars: A Statistical Approach

7 2010A&A...509A..46L
1.00001/2010A      E  F          X                      R  C      S              U      
Longhitano, M.; Binggeli, B.
The stellar correlation function from SDSS. A statistical search for wide binary stars

8 2008AJ....135..380L
1.00001/2008A      E  F          X                      R  C      S  N      O  U      
Lisker, Thorsten; Grebel, Eva K.; Binggeli, Bruno
Virgo Cluster Early-Type Dwarf Galaxies with the Sloan Digital Sky Survey. Iv. The Color-Magnitude Relation

9 2007IAUS..241..409L
1.00008/2007        E  F  G                      T      R  C                      U      
Lisker, T.; Grebel, E. K.; Binggeli, B.; Vodička, M.; Glatt, K.; Westera, P.
The many faces of early-type dwarf galaxies

10 2007PASP..119..592B
1.00006/2007A      E  F          X                      R  C                      U      
Binggeli, Bruno; Hascher, Tatjana
Is There a Universal Mass Function?

11 2007IAUS..235..118L
1.00005/2007A      E  F  G                      T      R  C                      U      
Lisker, T.; Grebel, E. K.; Binggeli, B.
Disks in Early-Type Dwarf Galaxies

12 2007ApJ...660.1186L
1.00005/2007A      E  F          X          D          R  C      S  N      O  U      
Lisker, Thorsten; Grebel, Eva K.; Binggeli, Bruno; Glatt, Katharina
Virgo Cluster Early-Type Dwarf Galaxies with the Sloan Digital Sky Survey. III. Subpopulations: Distributions, Shapes, Origins

13 2006AJ....132..497L
1.00008/2006A      E  F          X          D          R  C      S  N      O  U      
Lisker, Thorsten; Grebel, Eva K.; Binggeli, Bruno
Virgo Cluster Early-Type Dwarf Galaxies with the Sloan Digital Sky Survey. I. On the Possible Disk Nature of Bright Early-Type Dwarfs

14 2006A&A...448..983R
1.00003/2006A      E  F          X          D          R  C      S  N      O  U      
Rejkuba, M.; da Costa, G. S.; Jerjen, H.; Zoccali, M.; Binggeli, B.
Dwarf elliptical galaxies in Centaurus A group: stellar populations in AM 1339-445 and AM 1343-452

15 2005yCat..34480983R
1.00011/2005A                                  D                                  O      
Rejkuba, M.; da Costa, G. S.; Jerjen, H.; Zoccali, M.; Binggeli, B.
VizieR Online Data Catalog: VIJsKs photometry in AM 1339-445 and AM1343-452 (Rejkuba+, 2006)

16 2005AN....326Q.652H
1.00008/2005                                                                            U      
Hascher, Tatjana; Binggeli, Bruno
Is there a universal mass function?

17 2005ncde.conf.....J
1.00001/2005A      E                                                                  U      
Jerjen, Helmut; Binggeli, Bruno
Near-Field Cosmology with Dwarf Elliptical Galaxies (IAU C198)

18 2005nfcd.conf..370L
1.00000/2005A      E  F  G                      T                                      
Lisker, Thorsten; Grebel, Eva K.; Binggeli, Bruno
A multicolour view of the nuclei of dEs

19 2005nfcd.conf..311L
1.00000/2005A      E  F  G      X              T      R  C                      U      
Lisker, Thorsten; Grebel, Eva K.; Binggeli, Bruno
The colours of Virgo dEs as seen by SDSS

20 2005nfcd.conf...49R
1.00000/2005A      E  F  G                      T          C                      U      
Rejkuba, M.; Jerjen, H.; da Costa, G.; Binggeli, B.; Zoccali, M.
Near IR imaging of Centaurus group dwarf elliptical galaxies

21 2005nfcd.conf.....J
1.00000/2005A                                      T          C                      U      
Jerjen, H.; Binggeli, B.
Near-fields cosmology with dwarf elliptical galaxies

22 2004AJ....127..771J
1.00002/2004A      E  F          X          D          R  C      S  N          U      
Jerjen, H.; Binggeli, B.; Barazza, F. D.
Distances, Metallicities, and Ages of Dwarf Elliptical Galaxies in the Virgo Cluster from Surface Brightness Fluctuations

23 2003A&A...407..121B
1.00008/2003A      E  F          X          D          R  C      S  N          U  H  
Barazza, F. D.; Binggeli, B.; Jerjen, H.
VLT surface photometry and isophotal analysis of early-type dwarf galaxies in the Virgo cluster

24 2003RMxAC..17..203B
1.00006/2003A          F  G                      T      R                              
Barazza, F. D.; Binggeli, B.; Jerjen, H.
VLT Observations of Early-Type Dwarfs in the Virgo Cluster: some first surprising Results

25 2003A&A...398..501P
1.00002/2003A      E  F          X                      R  C      S  N          U  H  
Parodi, B. R.; Binggeli, B.
Distribution of star-forming complexes in dwarf irregular galaxies

26 2002A&A...394L..15B
1.00010/2002A      E  F          X                      R  C      S  N          U  H  
Barazza, F. D.; Binggeli, B.
A metallicity-flattening relation for dwarf elliptical galaxies

27 2002A&A...391..823B
1.00009/2002A      E  F          X          D          R  C      S  N          U      
Barazza, F. D.; Binggeli, B.; Jerjen, H.
More evidence for hidden spiral and bar features in bright early-type dwarf galaxies

28 2002A&A...388...29P
1.00006/2002A      E  F                      D          R  C      S  N      O  U      
Parodi, B. R.; Barazza, F. D.; Binggeli, B.
Structure and stellar content of dwarf galaxies. VII. B and R photometry of 25 southern field dwarfs and a disk parameter analysis of the complete sample of nearby irregulars

29 2002yCat..33880029P
1.00003/2002A                                  D                                  O      
Parodi, B. R.; Barazza, F. D.; Binggeli, B.
VizieR Online Data Catalog: BR photometry of 25 southern dwarf galaxies (Parodi+, 2002)

30 2001A&A...373...12B
1.00007/2001A      E  F                                  R  C      S  N      O      
Barazza, F. D.; Binggeli, B.; Prugniel, P.
Structure and stellar content of dwarf galaxies. VI. B, V and R photometry of northern field dwarf galaxies

31 2001stcl.conf.....L
1.00000/2001A                                      T                                      
Labhardt, Lukas; Binggeli, Bruno
Star clusters

32 2001dge..conf..243B
1.00000/2001                                        T          C                          
Barazza, F. D.; Binggeli, B.; Jerjen, H.
VLT Observations of Dwarf Elliptical Galaxies in the Virgo Galaxy Cluster (Poster)

33 2001ASPC..230..239J
1.00000/2001            F  G                      T      R  C                      U      
Jerjen, H.; Kalnajs, A.; Binggeli, B.
Spiral Arms and Bars in Dwarf S0 Galaxies

34 2000eaa..bookE2610B
1.00011/2000A      E                                      R                              
Binggeli, B.
Nearby Groups of Galaxies

35 2000eaa..bookE1822B
1.00011/2000A      E                                      R  C                          
Binggeli, B.; Huchra, J.
Virgo Cluster

36 2000A&A...359..447B
1.00007/2000A          F  G                              R  C      S  N          U      
Binggeli, B.; Barazza, F.; Jerjen, H.
Off-center nuclei in dwarf elliptical galaxies

37 2000A&A...358..845J
1.00006/2000A          F  G      X          D          R  C      S  N          U      
Jerjen, H.; Kalnajs, A.; Binggeli, B.
IC3328: A ``dwarf elliptical galaxy'' with spiral structure

38 2000AJ....119..593J
1.00002/2000A      E  F                                  R  C      S  N          U      
Jerjen, H.; Binggeli, B.; Freeman, K. C.
Surface BR Photometry of Newly Discovered Dwarf Elliptical Galaxies in the Nearby Sculptor and Centaurus A Groups

39 2000AJ....119..166J
1.00001/2000A      E  F          X                      R  C      S  N          U      
Jerjen, H.; Freeman, K. C.; Binggeli, B.
Testing the Surface Brightness Fluctuations Method for Dwarf Elliptical Galaxies in the Centaurus A Group

40 2000A&AS..141..211B
1.00001/2000A      E  F          X                      R  C      S  N      O  U      
Bremnes, T.; Binggeli, B.; Prugniel, P.
Structure and stellar content of dwarf galaxies. IV. B and R photometry of dwarf galaxies in the CVnI cloud

41 1999A&AS..137..337B
1.00006/1999A      E  F          X                      R  C      S  N      O  U      
Bremnes, T.; Binggeli, B.; Prugniel, P.
Structure and stellar content of dwarf galaxies. III. B and R photometry of dwarf galaxies in the M 101 group and the nearby field

42 1999A&AS..135..255K
1.00003/1999A      E  F          X                      R  C      S  N          U      
Kraan-Korteweg, R. C.; van Driel, W.; Briggs, F.; Binggeli, B.; Mostefaoui, T. I.
Nançay ``blind'' 21 CM line survey of the Canes Venatici group region

43 1999A&A...343..420S
1.00003/1999A          F  G      X                      R  C      S  N          U      
Schindler, S.; Binggeli, B.; Böhringer, H.
Morphology of the Virgo cluster: Gas versus galaxies

44 1999Obs...119..144L
Labhardt, L.; Binggeli, B.; Buser, R.
Book Review: Supernovae and cosmology / Astronomisches Institut der Universitat Basel, 1998

45 1999LNP...530....9B
1.00000/1999        E                              T      R  C                      U      
Binggeli, Bruno
The Virgo Cluster - Home of M 87

46 1999IAUS..186...57V
1.00000/1999A          F  G                      T                                      
van Driel, W.; Kraan-Korteweg, R. C.; Binggeli, B.; Huchtmeier, W. K.
An HI Search for M81 Group Dwarf Galaxies

47 1999ASPC..170..154B
1.00000/1999            F  G                      T      R                          U      
Bremnes, T.; Binggeli, B.; Prugniel, P.
Dwarf galaxies in nearby groups

48 1998mcdg.proc..231B
1.00012/1998                                                                        O      
Bremnes, Torbjørn; Binggeli, Bruno; Prugniel, Phillipe
Structure and stellar content of dwarf galaxies: Surface photometry of dwarf galaxies in the M81 & M101 groups

49 1998AJ....116.2873J
1.00012/1998A      E  F          X                      R  C      S  N          U      
Jerjen, H.; Freeman, K. C.; Binggeli, B.
Surface Brightness Fluctuation Distances to Dwarf Elliptical Galaxies in the Sculptor Group

50 1998A&A...333...17B
1.00005/1998A          F  G      X                      R  C      S  N          U      
Binggeli, Bruno; Jerjen, Helmut
Is the shape of the luminosity profile of dwarf elliptical galaxies an useful distance indicator?

51 1998A&AS..129..313B
1.00004/1998A      E  F                                  R  C      S  N      O  U      
Bremnes, T.; Binggeli, B.; Prugniel, P.
Structure and stellar content of dwarf galaxies. I. B and R photometry of dwarf galaxies in the M 81 group

52 1998A&AS..127..397V
1.00002/1998A                      X                      R  C      S  N          U      
van Driel, W.; Kraan-Korteweg, R. C.; Binggeli, B.; Huchtmeier, W. K.
An H i line search for optically identified dwarf galaxy candidates in the M 81 group

53 1998suco.conf.....L
1.00000/1998                                        T                                      
Labhardt, Lukas; Binggeli, Bruno; Buser, Roland
Supernovae and cosmology

54 1998HiA....11..107J
1.00000/1998                                        T                                      
Jerjen, H.; Freeman, K. C.; Binggeli, B.
Dwarf Elliptical Galaxies in the CEN A and Sculptor Groups

55 1997IAUJD...2E...4J
Jerjen, H.; Freeman, K. C.; Binggeli, B.
Search for the Dwarf Elliptical Galaxy Population in the Nearby Groups Centaurus A and Sculptor

56 1997gsr..proc..103B
1.00000/1997                                        T          C                          
Binggeli, B.; Jerjen, H.
Photometric Scaling Relations of Dwarf Galaxies

57 1997ASPC..116..298J
1.00000/1997            F  G                      T      R  C                      U      
Jerjen, Helmut; Binggeli, Bruno
The Surface-BrightnessLuminosity Relation as Distance Indicator

58 1997ASPC..116..239J
1.00000/1997A          F  G      X              T      R  C                      U      
Jerjen, Helmut; Binggeli, Bruno
Are "Dwarf" Ellipticals Genuine Ellipticals?

59 1995A&A...298...63B
1.00006/1995A          F  G                              R  C      S  N      O  U      
Binggeli, B.; Popescu, C. C.
Dwarf galaxies in the Virgo cluster. III. Flattening distributions.

1.00000/1995A                                                                  K          
Binggeli, B.; Buser, R.
The deep universe. Lecture notes 1993, Swiss Society for Astrophysics and Astronomy.

1.00000/1995A                                                  C              K      U      
Sandage, A. R.; Kron, R. G.; Longair, M. S.; Binggeli, Bruno; Buser, Roland
The Deep Universe

62 1994A&ARv...6...67F
1.00011/1994A      E              X                      R  C      S  N          U      
Ferguson, Henry C.; Binggeli, Bruno
Dwarf elliptical galaxies

63 1994ESOC...49...13B
1.00001/1994            F  G                                  C                          
Binggeli, B.
A Note on the Definition and Nomenclature of Dwarf Galaxies

64 1994pvgt.conf..173B
1.00000/1994                                        T          C                          
Binggeli, B.
Dwarf galaxies: a morphological overview

65 1994ASIC..441..155S
1.00000/1994A                                      T                                      
Schindler, S.; Binggeli, B.
Simulating the dynamics of the Virgo cluster.

66 1993Msngr..74...36B
1.00012/1993            F  G                                                          U      
Binggeli, B.; Meylan, G.; Prugniel, P.
ESO/OHP Workshop on Dwarf Galaxies

67 1993A&AS...98..297B
1.00004/1993A          F  G                              R  C      S  N      O  U      
Binggeli, B.; Cameron, L. M.
Dwarf galaxies in the Virgo cluster. II - Photometric techniques and basic data

68 1993A&AS...98..275B
1.00004/1993A          F  G                              R  C      S  N          U      
Binggeli, B.; Popescu, C. C.; Tammann, G. A.
The kinematics of the Virgo cluster revisited

69 1992ASSL..178...17J
1.00000/1992        E                              T          C                      U      
Jerjen, H.; Tammann, G. A.; Binggeli, B.
The Luminosity Functions of Galaxies

70 1991A&A...252...27B
1.00012/1991A          F  G                              R  C      S  N      O  U      
Binggeli, B.; Cameron, L. M.
Dwarf galaxies in the Virgo cluster. I - The systematic photometric properties of early-type dwarfs

71 1991Msngr..63....8T
1.00003/1991A          F  G                              R  C      S  N              
Tammann, G. A.; Binggeli, B.; Capaccioli, M.; della Valle, M.; Giraud, E.; Kraan-Korteweg, R.; Piotto, G.; Sandage, A.; Veron, M.-P.; Veron, P.
The distance of the Centaurus group - A test for various distance indicators

72 1990A&A...228...42B
1.00002/1990A          F  G                              R  C      S  N          U      
Binggeli, B.; Tarenghi, M.; Sandage, A.
The abundance and morphological segregation of dwarf galaxies in the field

73 1989ApJS...71..701H
1.00012/1989A          F  G                              R  C      S  N              
Hoffman, G. Lyle; Williams, Hayes L.; Salpeter, E. E.; Sandage, Allan; Binggeli, Bruno
Neutral hydrogen detection survey of dwarf galaxies. II - Faint Virgo dwarfs and a field sample

74 1989ASSL..151...47B
1.00000/1989A      E                              T          C                      U      
Binggeli, Bruno
Dwarf galaxies and large-scale structure

75 1988ARA&A..26..509B
1.00000/1988A          F  G                      T      R  C      S              U      
Binggeli, Bruno; Sandage, Allan; Tammann, G. A.
The luminosity function of galaxies

76 1987AJ.....94..251B
1.00008/1987A          F  G                              R  C      S  N      O  U      
Binggeli, Bruno; Tammann, G. A.; Sandage, Allan
Studies of the Virgo cluster. VI - Morphological and kinematical structure of the Virgo cluster

77 1987nngp.proc..195B
1.00000/1987A                                      T          C                      U      
Binggeli, Bruno
The luminosity function - Dependence on Hubble type and environment

1.00000/1987A                                      T          C                          
Tammann, G. A.; Binggeli, B.
Nearby clusters - Are they young?

79 1986IAUC.4191....3L
1.00003/1986A      E                                                  S                  
Leibundgut, B.; Binggeli, B.; Sargent, W.; Steidel, J.
Supernova 1986C in UGC 6697

80 1986sfdg.conf...53B
1.00000/1986A                                                  C                      U      
Binggeli, B.
On the relationship between dwarf irregular and dwarf elliptical galaxies.

81 1985S&T....70Q.451R
Richter, O. G.; Binggeli, B.
Book-Review - Workshop on the Virgo Cluster of Galaxies

82 1985AJ.....90.1759S
1.00009/1985A          F  G                              R  C      S  N      O  U      
Sandage, A.; Binggeli, B.; Tammann, G. A.
Studies of the Virgo Cluster - Part Five - Luminosity Functions of Virgo Cluster Galaxies

83 1985AJ.....90.1681B
1.00009/1985A          F  G                  D          R  C      S  N      O  U      
Binggeli, B.; Sandage, A.; Tammann, G. A.
Studies of the Virgo Cluster. II - A catalog of 2096 galaxies in the Virgo Cluster area.

84 1985AJ.....90..395S
1.00003/1985A          F  G                              R  C      S  N      O  U      
Sandage, A.; Binggeli, B.; Tammann, G. A.
Studies of the Virgo cluster. IV - an Atlas of Virgo cluster spiral galaxies: The luminosity range within a given spiral type

85 1985ESOC...20..239S
1.00000/1985A                                                  C                          
Sandage, A.; Binggeli, B.; Tammann, G. A.
Morphological and physical characteristics of the Virgo Cluster - First results from the Las Campanas photographic survey

86 1985ESOC...20.....R
1.00000/1985A                                                                  K          
Richter, O.-G.; Binggeli, B.
ESO Workshop on the Virgo Cluster of Galaxies, Garching, West Germany, September 4-7, 1984, Proceedings

87 1984AJ.....89..919S
1.00007/1984A          F  G                              R  C      S  N      O  U      
Sandage, A.; Binggeli, B.
Studies of the Virgo cluster. III - A classification system and an illustrated atlas of Virgo cluster dwarf galaxies

88 1984IAUC.3944....1B
1.00005/1984A      E                                          C                          
Binggeli, B.; Leibundgut, B.; Tammann, G. A.
Supernova in ESO 131147-4224.7

89 1984AJ.....89...64B
1.00001/1984A          F  G                              R  C      S  N      O  U      
Binggeli, B.; Sandage, A.; Tarenghi, M.
Studies of the Virgo Cluster. I - Photometry of 109 galaxies near the cluster center to serve as standards

90 1984Orion..42...16B
Binggeli, B.
Virgo und die Zwerge.

91 1982A&A...107..338B
1.00003/1982A          F  G                              R  C      S              U      
Binggeli, B.
The shape and orientation of clusters of galaxies

92 1981MitAG..52R.152T
1.00000/1981            F  G                                                              
Trefzger, Ch.; Binggeli, B.; Buser, R.; Labhardt, L.; Spaenhauer, A.; Steinlin, U.
Erste Erfahrungen mit lichtelektrischen RGU-Beobachtungen am hochalpinen Observatorium Gornergrat

93 1981gse..conf..255B
Binggeli, B.
The formation of the Galaxy and galaxy formation.

94 1980A&A....82..289B
1.00002/1980A          F  G                              R  C                      U      
Binggeli, B.
On the intrinsic shape of elliptical galaxies

95 1979A&AS...35..271F
1.00003/1979A          F  G                              R  C      S              U      
Fenkart, R. P.; Binggeli, B.
A catalogue of galactic clusters observed in three colours

96 1977A&AS...30..307F
1.00012/1977A          F  G                              R  C      S                  
Fenkart, R. P.; Binggeli, B.; Good, D.; Jenni, D.; Labhardt, L.; Tschumi, A.
The determination of distance, absorption, probable physical members and age for the open clusters - Stock 16, Basel 18, Basel 19, CR 272 and NGC 5168

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